Botanical Commissions

I am able to take on botanical commissions. If you are interested in discussing a commission please e-mail

I recently completed a commision for a client who requested a composition of Thistles and Knapweed with bees and butterflies. The composition was to be divided into 4 pieces that could be hung seperately whilst still working overall as one composition.



I recently completed a commission for a client who requested a painting of a mini cyclamen as this is her favourite plant. I created a composition using the various elements of the plant and worked with a plant which was the colour that the client prefered for the painting.



My current commission is to produce a collection of 8 seabirds. Each piece is to be a small A5 sized watercolour painting of a seabird that can then be framed individually.

One of the paintings was used as the design for the thank you cards and one of the paintings was used as the basis for part of the wedding invitation design.




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