Printmaking Commissions


If there is a photo or image you would like made into a screenprint I am happy to discuss the possibility of doing a commission.

Prices will vary depending on the size of the image and work required to produce the print. Commissions will be one off exclusive pieces

unless otherwise requested.

Examples of previous commissions can be seen below.


My client for this commission requested that I do a Screenprint of a flower chosen from a selection of photos that she had taken. Her idea was to do the same image in 3 small prints with the flower a different colour in each. The prints would then be framed and hung together as a series.

After meeting with my client and looking through her photos we discussed the images and I advised her on the best ones for the Screenprint. From the selection she chose the dahlia shown on the right.

I then worked with the photo to do the drawings required for the screenprint and after consulting my client on the colours for the 3 prints I produced the three prints below.  


I was commissioned to do a screenprint of my handmade card design African Daisy Abstract. Having seen the prints that I produced for the Dahlia commission the client decided to commission a screenprint of the floral card design. I worked the card design up so that the print would be a little larger than the card design but would still keep the vibrancy of the image. The client was happy to have a print from an edition so I printed a small edition of 10. The client received one of the prints and the remainder of the edition is now for sale. The finished print can be seen below. Full details of price and size are on the gallery 5 page.


I was approached by a the owner of a flower shop called all in a flower who was looking for a logo for her shop. She was unable to find a logo which she felt was suitable but she liked the style of my floral card designs. She therefore asked if I would be able to design a logo for her shop. There was a card design that she particularly liked therefore I sold the design to her to use exclusively for her shop. The use of the design can be seen at  


My client of this commission requested that I do a screenprint of an African landscape. Using a photo that they had taken they were looking for me to create a unique edition of 1 print to make a very special birthday present for a loved one. I worked with the client using their photo to create a vibrant screenprint of the african sand dunes.  


This commission was done using a photo that was taken by my client on a trip to Knockhill. They wanted an atmospheric print that focused on the cars so I adapted the image from the photo and removed the buildings and spectators in the background to create this colourful racing scene.

If you are interested in discussing a commission please get in touch. How to get in touch can be found on my contact page


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