Gift Tags


Gift Tags are now available. They come in selected abstract floral designs to match a selection of the handmade cards.

Special personalized gift tags can be made to order such as 'Happy Birthday Mum ' or 'Merry Christmas Louise'.

To order these gift tags you can contact me by e-mail or alternatively a selection of designs will be available for sale at the craft fairs I will be attending. Details of these are on the exhibitions page.

Gift Tags are 40p each or 3 for £1



Gift Tag designs

Orchid Abstract Daffodil Abstract Daisy Abstract Lavender Abstract 2 Rose Abstract Delphinium Abstract
Eustoma Abstract 6 Quince Abstract Gerbera Abstract 2 Peony Abstract 2 Peony Abstract 3 Fuschia Abstract
Clematis Abstract     African Daisy Abstract    

Christmas Gift Tag designs

Poinsettia Abstract 3 Winter Berries Abstract 3 Amaryllis Abstract Holly Abstract 5   Holly Abstract 6
Snowdrop Abstract Snowdrop Abstract 3 Christmas Rose Abstract 3 Christmas Rose Abstract 4    


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